My Jesus

My Jesus

He died for me
Upon a tree
To bring me life
To set me free.

He bore the pain
And all the shame
To make me whole
I’ll never be the same.

He opened His arms
With a heart full of love
My precious Savior
Sent from my Father above.

His love is everlasting
His mercies never cease
He watches over me
And brings me peace.

What can I say?
To this One who loves me so much?
The One who redeemed me
To be His own.

Yes, He’s chosen me.
I ask myself “why?”
Yes, why me?
A lowly sinner.

WHY does He love me?
HOW can He love me?
Why does He care so much
About me?

© 4-15-99 – 10:51 a.m.

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